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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Doll's Day: two German Tammys

Yes, the Tammys are (almost) ready.

Tammy von Knuddelhausen is leaving usIMG_9200.JPG
Today I will finish off Tammy von Knuddelhausen from Bettys-Simm Salabim. She will travel to a seriously ill girl. I saw a post on Facebook and I wanted to send her a card. Tammy sat on my lap. Because she has eyes now she read the post too and suddenly she shouted: I want to go to Britt. Of course I agreed! If you would like to send her a card too: This is the address: Kanjer Britt, De Ping 2, 6361AR Nuth

I gave her a hat she can take off, two ears and a mouth, so she can play during the whole year with Tammy.
Would you like to crochet Tammy von Knuddelhausen too? You can buy the pattern here:

Tammy Zirkusmaus (Circus Mouse)
Tammy isn’t finished yet, but wenn she heard that Tammy von Knuddelhausen was going to leave us she screamed: "I want to make pictures with Tammy, she is my friend. I can think of her. Of course you can! And by the way I couldn’t write a Doll’s Day blog otherwise.



I hope to finish Tammy Circus Mouse this week, because as you might have noticed: she can hardly wait to show us her acrobatic tricks:

Would you like to crochet Tammy from Schlappohrund Wuppertal. You can Tammy’s pattern here:

Furthermore I don’t have any news for this week.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you next time!

Much love

Monday, 16 January 2017

GRANNY SPIRATION KICK OFF recycle your shopping bag

I saw an awesome challenge at Kat Kat Katoen’s blog ( : the  bloghop/link up/give away 'Granny Spiration Challenge'! You have to post a granny inspired piece of work and then you will link your own granny-project. You can win something with it! How does it work? Go to:

My first blog for the challenge: I pimped my shopping bag. I found the  bag a little boring. So I crocheted 3 grannies. It is the Summer Garden Granny square (

tas pimpen.jpg

The grannies are made with light blue Babysoft, the pink and purple Sparkle and dark blue Royal, all Zeeman yarn.

The grannies are sewn on the bag with the sewing machine.

Have you ever pimped a bag?

Monday, 9 January 2017

Doll's Day

Last Week, I had lots to do. I can only show you Elmo’s Hoody and his Jeans hat which I made a while ago. He was so enthusiastic so that he was co-operative while making the picture.

I was also busy with making the amigurumis. I thought I could finish them off last week. Unfortunately, not… I spent some time with the children during their holidays. Hopefully, the two of them will be finished next week....

Doll’s news
The CAL at Schlappohrhund’s isn't finished yet so you can get a member of the group if you would like to and  you can have a look at the awesome Tammys over there.

Well, do I have some tips! One of my followers at Google+ is the Doll Lady! She makes wonderful dolls+ also one like Obama. Just awesome. I would say… go and have a look!

That’s all for now. Hopefully see you next week?


Friday, 6 January 2017

Animal hats

Two years ago I made two hats from the book Brei De Leukste Dierenmutsen van Vanessa Mooncie & Rebecca Mothersole (
It was fun making them and with a large hook it was finished off quickly.
Our rabbit Lizzy was model for the rabbithat.


I’m happy with it (right one).


The ears were done with doubleyarn. Unfortunately it became too heavy.
Did you ever make an animal hat for adults?

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Doll's Day, the amis were having fun

How was your Newyearsday? Poekie was afraid and laid under our bed.We knew that too late because at first he was quite relaxted. The amigurumis were having fun. Afterwards they were sooo tired.

When I have a look at the pics I can laugh, but at first I was surprised. What do you think of this?


A cat lying next to the duck? That is impossible don’t you think, LOL!

Ms. Mouse is hanging in the lamp again and I asked Kittycat Kruimel and the duck to strike a pose. Sure!


I would like to a make some more cats, but where can I buy some time? ;-). The free pattern is available here:

I just noticed that Designer Henriette van de Wiel posted the pattern on Newyearsday (2014) :).


The duck is Mrs Emonessy’s design to be found here:

or written pattern:

Just have a look on both websites from Mrs Emonessy and Stip en Haak.

Some new in amigurumiword:

As from 23 January there will be a surprise CAL at the FacebookgroupHaak Met Ons Mee (Dutch) (link: It is a very nice group. The admins take a lot of effort to comfort you.

At the moment there is a CAL until 14. Januar on the Facebookgroup CAL by Tine’s Haak - Paradise (link: and after that a new CAL starts.

That was it for now. See you next week?
Love, Mariam