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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Doll’s Day combined with recycling for the holidays

What are you going to do Mariam? Well, exactly like mentioned in the title of this blog.
I invented a functional snowman. There are more of them, but I found this one a nice one, because everyone can make this snowman:
What do you need?
1 empty clean jar
200 gram flower
200 gram sugar
1 bag vanillasugar
5 spoons raisins in a sandwichbag
1 pair of babysocks
3 buttons, I used two different kinds of colours
1 pompon
1 pair of eyes
Doublesided tape
Pair of scissors
How to?
Put the ingredients in the jar except for the raisins. Then close it.
Stick the doublesided tape on the edge of the top.
Take the sandwichbag of raisins, put it on top of the top, take one babysock and pull it over the top, then stick the sock.
Now you have a hat
Stick the eyes on one third of the jar, stick the buttons on the belly. Cut the other sock open, and put it on like a shawl and close it.
Stick the pompon on the part for the nose.
Optional: you can make another pompon for the hat.
Tip: stick the buttons for the belly when the jar lies so that the buttons can dry for a while, so that it will be able to stick.
Mr Snowman is ready!
Make a nice cart with the following text:
4 eggs and 200 gram butter and a little Mojito.

So, now you have the ingrediënts for a nice cake. Good luck and bon appetit!
Wrap it in nice paper and you have an original surprise for Xmas! AND: you recycled a jar into something functional.
Just like we all are, I’m very busy. The dolls know that but slowly they’ll get what they want. As soon as I have  finished something, I’ll show you it to you proudly.
And here is some doll’s news:
Last week I asked for your attention for the pink monster from JB Crochet & Designs for the amigurumicontest.  IMG_8808.JPGThe outcome is that Jannie got the 14th place. Unfortunately she didn’t win, but not bad at all! On behalf of Jannie Brommer I would like to thank you for your vote and I would like to gratulate Jannie. It was the first time she attended this contest. Mrs Glamour’s pattern will be tested and will be online soon.
Bettys-Simm-Salabim made another awesome pattern too:
Hubertus Mc Zipfel.jpg
What a handsome guy! You can find the pattern here:
And Ginia Mees surprised us with another nice pattern: Nokkio!
Would you like to crochet this nice guy? Send a message to or go to the Facebookgroop Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia Mees and join if you’re still no member :).
Well, that was it for now.

Thank you for your attention and I hope to meet  you next week!


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Doll's Day and a bit of Hat's Day

Lizzy has lots of awesome hats doesn’t she? Elmo the Monkey saw that. I made a special one for him, with lots of colours in it. It became a rasta hat.
Elmo is certainly not like Lizzy is. He is a naughty monkey. Take a look at this…..
Look straight into the camera? Where?
Like this?
I had to laugh, monkeys are funny.
Elmo started giggling and later he got pain in his tummy from laughing  
Well, I think you had a good look at this hat don’t you?
A while ago I made a hat for myself: the headache hat. The pattern will follow soon on my webpage. Actually it is a chemo hat, but because I had lots of pain, I called it a headache hat. The headaches were easier to bear and I didn’t need pills anymore.
And now I don’t need the hat either. Hurray!
While I often missed my hat I looked for a solution. Do you remember Schildi from Schlappohrhund Wuppertal? She called me and wanted to wear it. Well, take a look at this:
I was pleased with her offer. She looks at the hat very well. When I need my hat I know where my hat is nowadays. Thank you dear Schildi, you are a star!
Would you like to crochet a Schildi? Go to:
I hope I will have a nicer week this week so that I can continue working on the dolls. We will see.
Is there any news?
Sure! What do you think of the “Mähs” (pattern Bettys-Simm-Salabim):
luna von mah.jpg
lisa von mah.jpg
I’m in love....
Are you too? You can find the pattern here:
Maybe you would like crochet an Advent calendar. Go to the nice group from Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia Mees:
And now something different. I’m in love. Yeah, yeah, I know, it happens more often, but not in monsters. Look at those eyes. Am I right? This monster joins the contest for designers. Would you please vote for her? The pattern is from JB Crochet and Designs?
monster van JB Crochet and Designs.jpg
I do hope she will win. You can vote until coming Saturday..
Well folks, that was it for this week. I hope to see you next week.
Love, Mariam

Monday, 5 December 2016

Doll's Day

What happened in the doll’s world?  
Actually a lot.
A while ago I fell in love with a bullterrier. I just had to crochet the dog. Have you experienced that before?
This is the result. It is a free pattern from my favourit German designer who writes the mini patterns in English too: Conni's Häkelviecher (
On a German Facebookgroup I saw a request for baby hats, both crocheted, knitted as well as sewn, for newborns an early born kids  in Eritrea (
Are you going to make those too Mariam??? Well, no, I sometimes have some hats in stock.

As you probably know, Lizzy was a model for the hats. She is soo proud that she wants me to share and refer to the album on my Facebookpage n.

Okay this is the link to the album with Lizzy and the baby stuff:
Of course I am proud that I made those.
Maybe you like to make some too? Sure you can!

A free pattern of the babyhat is to be found over here:

Also in Holland there are nice initiatives: (picture and text from JB Crochet Design & Creations)
Make a memorial butterfly to remember all deceased children on worldwilde candle lighting day on December 11, 2016.
We can't forget them so crochet your own butterfly in this event to make loads of butterfly's
click on the link to join the group  :

Oh, and how are Hannah Walking the Dog and Daan doing (Ginia Mees’s Amigurumis) ????
Because of the dust they moved to the house which was actually meant to be for the Fantirumis. They aren’t happy, it is sooo full overthere! Squirly saw that already and ran away. Daan is upset because Hannah is still naked, I didn’t have time to crochet. I should change plans….
Who knows: next week, new chances.
You will read it in next week’s Doll’s Day blog.