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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Knitting without knitting needles?

Some time ago I got a package to make an infinity scarf.
I was afraid to start the scarf, because I wasn’t familiar with the technique.
This week I’m making clothes for the Winter. Then I saw the package again.
And on the Facebookgroup “Breien- en Breipatronen” (knitting and knitting patterns) I saw a post with this Youtubefilm

I had to do it over again some times because there was too much yarn left.

(Poekie: I think it is not going so well??)

Suddenly it went fast!
It was finished within 30 minutes if I hadn’t interrupted the knitting by doing so many things..... But it was really just a 30 minutes job, hihi.

If the scarf is warm? Well it is indeed!!


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tuesday: Doll’s day and World Animal’s Day

Doll’s day and World Animal’s Day today. I’m always nice to the animals. Last year I made this cat bed out of this old pullover. I wrote about it in my blog:

Tapsi liked the cat bed too. As you can see, Poekie thought that was okay :).
poek met Tapsi.jpg

Tapsi is an enterpreneur and loves cars.
And yes, when you make so many amigurumis where should you place them? Tapsi wanted to go in the new car. So she did.
in de auto.jpg

But …. she couldn’t sit still. So during the Summer holiday she couldn’t either:
tapsi met mam.jpg

Then she suddenly discovered the window and she was out of controll….

tapsi op schoot.jpg

And she was gone, away from the seatbelt. Oh man oh man. Thank goodness we were stuck in the traffic jam.

tapsi in auto.jpg

Anyway, thanks to Tapsi the traffic jam wasn’t boring at all :)

Do you have some amigurumis in your car?