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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Doll's day: party dress for Barbie (pattern included)

Mad Barbie still doesn’t have her jacket. But she isn’t that mad anymore, because I’m ill and also because she heard that more people have too little time.
Especially for Doll’s Day I’m allowed to give you the pattern of her partydress. She’s hoping that many Barbies will wear one during the holidays.
Are you going to make one for yourBarbie?

barbie blogfoto.jpg
simple barbiedress.jpg
Perhaps you like to write a blog for Doll’s Day too once in a while or on a regular basis, no obligations. You may write about all kinds of dolls, also about stuffed animals. The more bloggers the better! So, drop me a line: I’m waiting for you! I hope to hear from you soon!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Doll's day!

I was away for a week, but here I am again!!
What happened in the dolls’ area?
On 28 November 2015, I went to the Meet and Greet Crochessie – House of Creations together with CR Couture. You could see the fantirumis and minirumis in real life. Due to the personal style of crochet, there was even a difference in size, even if you followed the pattern exactly. One hooks tight, another hooks more loosely. Interesting that the style of crochet and the use of another hook can make such a difference.
An impression of the Meet and Greet can be seen on the video "Crochessie - together with CR Couture"

I was happy it to discover that I am not the only one who cannot choose from all of Crochessie’s wonderful creations. And it was also nice to meet Gompy in real life!!! I had already heard about him and seen some pics on the Facebook group Fantirumi's and more.
Before my daughter and I went home again we got to choose a pattern fan. Esther gave it a personal touch by writing something special on it. The pattern fan very practical. Now when I go to the waiting room of the dentist I can take my crocheting with me. The pattern fan fits in my handbag.

That I like dolls a lot is clear to see when you visit our house.
The candy jars from Cooky Monster and Elmo: who doesn’t know them? Oh yes, I made them too. But I wanted to make a big one from Cooky Monster. This is the result:

As you can see it was perfect for the "pepernoten".
Last week the competition for Bas from Ginia Mees was closed. What a relief that I didn’t have Ginia Mees & Antje Smit’s job. Because you all know by now that I can’t decide! And certainly I cannot pick a winner out of so many nice wonderful submissions! Hats off to you ladies! And to the winner too: Astrid Spelletjes. With her permission, here is a pic of her beautiful Bas.

I don’t just crochet dolls. I like to make barbie clothes too. I used to do that for from my daughter’s barbiedolls.

Last week I disrespectfully placed Ms Barbie in a magazine rack on my desk, so I would not forget her. Well, that showed me! I need to hurry up making a cardigan for her, because she’s cold in her sleeveless dress and she lets me know!! And also that she doesn’t want to be left in a magazine rack....
Due to the lack of time I won’t be attending the CAL from Bettys-Simm Salabim this time. I do regret not attending, because she always thinks of such amazing things!! But  ... Bettys-Simm Salabim just keeps on designing. For Advent she has designed something beautiful, I didn’t make it, but here you can see what she came up with! This is Spira!
Pattern can be found


The next CAL, I‘ll be there again.
Would you like to participate in a CAL? Then I have good news for you, just have a look:

Are you in for it? Go to and sign up!
I hope to organise things better this week so that next week I hope to show to you Daantje, a pattern from Ginia Mees as well as a happy Barbie with her new cardigan.
Have you ever been pressed for time?

And last but not least: Join the link party on

Monday, 30 November 2015

Sunday, 29 November 2015

DIY: cleaning your sewing machine


I would like to share this tip with all of you.Since this year I work much more with my sewing machine,

but….. while I produce much more with the sewing machine I´ll have to clean it more often also. I thought it was a piece of cake, just vacuum the bobbin and ready! Well it wasn´t that easy, hahah!

I searched on the Internet for a manual for my sewing machine and found one. For almost every brand there is a free manual:

It is very easy. When you follow the manual step by step you will be able to save costs of maintenance. Oh yeah, remember to remove the plug from the socket!!

Do you do this yourself too?

Doll's day: 3 different kinds of dolls from 3 special designers (2)

Last week I wrote about Teddy from Designer Bettys-Simm-Salabim. Today I write about Rocky the paper towel.

rockyrac.pngRocky was also made during a CAL. Was was CAL again? That the abbreviation for Crochet A-Long. You crochet together for one Project. That is instructive, you learn from eachother. It is not always known what it will become, like this time. Long before we could read on the Bettys-Simm-Salabim group what to collect.
While I hadn’t made so many stuffed animals, I found it weird last time that we needed a pipe cleaner. For Rocky we needed a special paper towel.

Luckily Action had many of them. We also needed an Suprise Egg. I had the wrong one.
ander ei.jpg

During the CAL my loving husband helped me with cutting and perforating the PVC-tube and I put it in Rocky's head. Rocky is very happy in the kitchen. He loves it when he can help and the always hopes that the kitchen will be dirty, haha! Rocky and Teddy will be available on in three languages:

Last week I wrote about the minirumi from Designer Esther Emaar: Belly. Belly travelled to Villa Pardoes. An article was written in the newspaper.

English and German translation  will follow soon. Hopefully the translation will be there coming Doll’s Day.

This week I crochet a pattern from Ginia Mees, and that is: Daan. You need a pipe cleaner for Daan. I often don’t see things when I shop so I posted a question on Facebook where I could buy pipe cleaners. In the end I succeeded in Action. It was a package but I was happy with it, because there were also eyes and pompons in it.
I started crochet with Daan rather late, so that I only can show you a WIP. WIP is the abbreviation for Work in Progress.
daan in progress.jpg
I always have fun to crochet the patterns from all three the designers. You will alway see me smiling while I’m at work.
Do you also have fun with crochet of an amigurumi?

DIY: recycle your old pullover into a cat bed, a planter and an stuffed owl

DIY: recycle your old pullover into a cat bed, a planter and an stuffed owl
I love recycling very much and I had some pullovers left. I made a cat bed out of my old favorite pullover.

I experimented with using the sleeves of the pullover for the cans of the containerplants.

That was no succes because when you start cutting in the pullover, it starts fraying. It nearly worked with one can, but I will make a nice rim and make an application, this time no dog or cat.

I hang the rest of the pullovers the hook on the peg till nnother time.

A little later, the moment was there: I intended to to strengthen the red jersey with another fabric which is not so fray and I would se wit on with the zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. This is the first owl.

I had a little fabric left of the lining of my shopping bag (blog will follow), which became his belly.

After that I sow the front and the back. And because of the fact that I’m not so good in cutting circles, even forget about sewing those with the sewing machine I crocheted the eyes and the beak and the sewed it by hand. I finished the owl by crocheting a border and put it on top of the head.

Have you ever recycled your old favorite pullover? Let me know by a comment.

Tuesday Doll's Day

1. 3 different kinds of dolls from 3 special designers
When I started crocheting in 2014 I didn't want to crochet an amigurumi. What should I do with it? My children are at an age that they don't play with it any more. It seemed to be so difficult to make one. I could only crochet chains and double crochet. Crochet in rounds? Magic ring? It seemed terribly difficult to me. But I always looked up to the amigurumis from other members on the crochet groups on Facebook.
In December 2014 I finished my Bachelor "German language with a nice mark and I didn't get any routine. Until in April 2015 I wanted to go for it. Wouldn't it be nice to join a German crochet group? I could keep up with the German language because if I wouldn't do anything with it it dilutes quickly! At first search what crochet is in German. Okay, häkeln. Tick tick tick in the search bar of Facebook and the first group I encountered was called .. yes: Häkeln! In no time I was admitted and I showed my stuff.
During that period Mrs Emonessy's Duck was a hot item so as soon as you entered the German group you saw some ducks come by. One day I saw something special: a cat with a sign in front of his body with the words "Welcome". Wow !!! That was coool !!! The Cat with the Sign was made by some members of the Bettys-Simm Salabim group during a CAL. You could become a member, if you'd signed up. And so it happened that I suddenly crocheted amigurumis. But these were not just amis, no: these were very special: amis a function! The next CAL I joined was a Mothers'Day CAL. There wouldn't be said what it would become. Eventually it became a super cute bear with a picture frame.

I learned a whole lot during that : crochet names in German, but also how to crochet single crochet and that you need to follow the pattern accurately, because I didn't do that at that time (and I still sometimes don't, but anyway… ) and it had nothing to do with the German language. I crocheted half double crochet instead of single crochet, I used hook 5 (my favourite!) instead of hook 2 so my Teddy became huge!! But even though I used the wrong stitches and hook, the bear looked like a bear. I liked the bear soooo much that I made it twice again but this time with the correct hook and correct stitches.

(I you would like to crochet the bear yourself, than you can buy the patterns at soon, and than in German, English and Dutch).
One after the other CAL I did at Bettys-Simm-Salabim Gruppe, and in the meantime I crocheted my stuff until one day someone on the Dutch crochet group wrote in German that she didn't quite understand the pattern because it was written in the Dutch language. I wanted to help, but in the meantime I had learned that if you want something to translate from a designer you must ask for permission first. So I did and translated the pattern from Belly of Esther Emaar. I had so much fun in translating the pattern. It looked like a present: nicely manicured with beautiful pictures and backgrounds, nice font. Great value for money as it would have been a pattern  for sale. I didn't see myself make a Belly. It seemed to me again that it would be difficult and a lot of work to finish with the pieces of cloth. Two weeks ago, I started working on Belly because Belly is intended for one of the children of Villa Pardoes. Why? A copy from a piece of text from Villa Pardoes:
Thanks to the donations of sponsors (in cash or kind) 400 families annually experience with seriously ill child a wonderful week holiday at Villa Pardoes. We therefore look forward to the advent of cheerful crocheted Fantirumis that we can give to the child or perhaps as a birthday gift in the Villa or a bingo night. Since both boys and girls are of the age between 4 and 12 it would be nice to receive a lot different ones.
I've worked on Belly with a lot of fun. The pattern is crystal clear written and if you do everything step by step follows is not so difficult and too: not that much work! In two parts of the day and a chill pace Belly was ready. Even finishing the eyes are not that bad, there is almost nothing that can go wrong as long as you follow the pattern.

Belly is a free pattern from Esther Emaar. Free patterns from Esther Emaar are designed around a plastic (empty) egg, a surprise egg or an emte egg. All the information is available on the Facebookgroep Fantirumi's en more. Also how you can gather an Emté egg and accessories ( I would say: go to the Facebookgroup and sign in! You'll see a lot of wonderful creations, you'll know how to get such a nice pattern yourself  both for free as a pattern for sale ( and accessories ( and you will receive tips how to make a fantirumi or minirumi. Belly will go to Villa Pardoes this afternoon.
And than last but not least a piece of another very special doll: the amigurimi Bas from Ginia Mees. Ginia made five nice amis. They look like a character doll. I also translated a pattern in German for Ginia so that the German members could crochet. Bas was a CAL in the Facebook group from Ginia called: Amigurumi handmade by Ginia. I found it a real challenge to make Bas. But even more fun: to use my own inspiration on Bas. So I made a grandpa Bas.

The pattern was written very clear and if you follow the pattern step by step, nothing can go wrong. The CAL is finished but you still can crochet Bas. Send an e-mail message through Facebook to Ginia Mees for the pattern for sale. Until 1 December you can also attend to a contest. The contest price will be a pattern and material to make Abby.

Granny Cardigan

Oh, I wanted to crochet a cardigan so badly! And every time I searched on Google for something to crochet I'd end up at the website of Lindevrouwsweb. As I did this time! I have to say, Joke’s blogging is so enthusiastic and nice that you want to get started right away. Her blog is my absolute favorite!! It's going to be a granny cardigan made out of  2 hexagons.

At first I needed some good advice from a friend on Facebook, because the hexagon was something new to me and I didn’t quite get it. After the explanation I started and crocheted and crocheted. I was addicted, how lovely all those different colours were!! I was so proud when I finished the cardigan. The opinions in my neighbourhood were divided and quite disappointed, I sold the cardigan. I went to buy Fenna wool and started crocheting again.


I didn’t succeed in getting the hexagon right and I was afraid that this wool wasn’t good enough either, so the work ended up in a box. Taking it out isn't fun so that will happen when I have inspiration (sometimes that takes a long time). One day I saw a bargain at Zeeman, red Ivy wool, to be crocheted on needle 6. I bought the last 12 balls of wool and started crocheting immediately. This time with success.


It would be a toss up because I didn’t know if I had enough wool. That was the case. It is great to have so many crochet groups on Facebook so I asked for some advice. Someone showed me her cardigan in white with black. I liked that so much I got to work. This is the result.


I may proudly say I can go to the office, can’t I?

Another pose in my own way in the sun ....

I’m soooo happy with the cardigan!


Because of the fact that not everyone knows how to finish the cardigan, I will write the pattern during the next week. The long cardigan will be crocheted again, but just in one colour and I will write that pattern too. To be continued!!!!


Cheers, Mariam